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Mr Toads Wild Ride
Armstrong Pass
The Flume Trail
Pinenut Classic
Powerline/Corral Loop
Hole in the Ground
Kingsbury Rim Trail

Trail Tips:

• Ride difficulty ratings assume some rider ability and fitness. What may easy for one rider may be extreme for another.

• Aerobic and Technical difficulty ratings assume that the rider has a competent base of fitness and riding skills. Riders may find the ride more or less difficult.

• Mileages are approximate! Many factors can alter the mileage readings on a cycle computer. Some examples include: improper setup, a weak battery, wire damage, new or different tire, etc.

• Water: Take twice as much as you think you will need. A quart for every half hour ridden is a good estimate, but temperature, exertion, and length of ride can all affect the amount of water needed.

• Safety: Where a HELMET. Make sure that your bike is in top mechanical shape. Bring tools and extra tubes. Try and not ride alone.

• If you are riding alone make sure someone knows where you went and when you should be back.

• Allow for more time than you think you will need for the ride. Check the weather

• If you are not confident in your ability to ride an obstacle, get off and walk. Do not alter trails to make them easier. See IMBA rules of the trail. Ride open trails only.

• Check with local bike shops if you have questions.

• This map does not attempt to distinguish between public and private property. Check with the local agencies for current land ownership information. When in doubt, ask for permission!

• This map was created using a Global Positioning Satellite navigation unit, U.S.G.S. 7.5 minute maps, and a cycle computer

• Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport. Wattabike takes no responsibility for injuries occurred while riding due to foolishness, equipment failure, or just plain bad luck.