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Our in-store service center offers a team of knowledgeable and dedicated mechanics to keep your cycling equipment in top condition. Over 25 years of tuning expereince.

Performance Tune Up

Tunes-ups start at $55 and may include adjustments to the following:

Safety Check (tighten nuts and bolts)

• Shifting System (front and rear shifters and derailleurs)

• Braking System (front and rear brake levers and brakes)

• Drivetrain Clean / lube (wipe down drivetrain and lube chain)

• Tire Pressure (check and adjust tire pressure)

• Check Frame (comprehensive check for cracks)

• True Wheels (straighten rims)

• Clean Brake Pads (check/clean brake pads)

• Clean Entire Bike

Cost starting at $55


Other Services

You can also get only a few things tuned up for the following prices:

• Flat Repair (fix flat tire) $12 and up

• Shifting System (front and rear shifters and derailleurs) $5 and up

• Adjust Brakes (front and rear brakes) $5 and up

• True Wheels (straighten rims) $10 and up

• Bleed Brakes (hydraulic brakes only) $15 per brake

• Seal Fork (seal & oil front suspension) $85 and up

• Seal Rear Shock (seal & oil rear shock) $45

• Chris Hub Service (rear) $70

• Labor $60/hr